Price List
Private Package annual cost (IBAN + VISA physical card + VISA virtual card)
35.88 EUR
Private Package monthly cost (IBAN + VISA physical card + VISA virtual card)
2.99 EUR
KYC, publishing card, shipping fee when ordering Private package for the first time
14.00 EUR
Private Package first order (Annual Package price + KYC + Publishing + Shipping fee)
49.88 EUR
Replacement card fee (in case of loss, shipping incl)
7.00 EUR
Authorization fee on event
0.25 EUR
5.00 EUR
SEPA inbound transfer
0.15 EUR
SEPA outbound transfer
0.15 EUR
Point of Sale card EU
0.25 EUR
Point of Sale card outside of EU
0.25 EUR
Decline of card payment
0.25 EUR
Transaction between Callidus Pay/Intergiro accounts
0.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal fee
1.50 EUR
Payment terminal fee
0.25 EUR
Charge back fee per chargeback
35.00 EUR
Every new physical card (annual + shipping included)
7.00 EUR
Every new virtual card
3.00 EUR
Callidus Franchise license annual cost
1900.00 EUR
Card Limits
ATM single withdrawal
550.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal daily limit
550.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal weekly limit
1600.00 EUR
ATM withdrawal monthly limit
4600.00 EUR
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