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Start your own fintech business, that generates the fastest possible profit, in a booming industry, by using multilevel earning mechanism

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Why Callidus Franchise?

Possibility to work all over the EU, and even broader
Multilevel earning mechanism - 4 depth levels)
Lifetime earning - you earn money all until your referrals are actively using Callidus)
Instant visibility of your business via cashback partner system

With Callidus Franchise You Get

Entire support (education, marketing, sales) received by Callidus Pay
Chance to boost your business by entering the cashback partner network
Fastest possible earning on the market
Opportunity to run a business supported by Visa, Swedish EMI institution, and German Franchise Association

What can I sell as a Callidus Franchise Owner?

Callidus Private Package
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Franchise License
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How The Sales Process Works?

After you sign up as a Callidus Franchise Owner we provide you with your unique code, the one people can use to sign up and open their accounts, order cards, and even become new franchise buyers. When they do, they start paying a subscription fee, and you get a cut. With each person that signs up using your code, you get another cut. Sounds good But there's more!


If the person, who signed up using your code, gets another person to sign up, you get their cut too. Now, if that second person gets a third person to sign up, you get another cut! If the third person gets a fourth person to sign up, you get yet another cut! You make one original sale. You get 4 levels of profit each time you do. Now that's passive income!


You can also earn by helping other people become our franchise buyers themselves. If they sign up using your code, you get a cut... again. And all that also in 4 depth levels!


You Are Not Alone

Your success is our mutual goal. That is why Callidus strives to provide all what is needed for your fintech business to move forward, to break barriers.

After you have bought the franchise license you get access to bunch of educational material that is available here.

Your unique referral code is the warranty that all the marketing effort you make pays off to you directly.

Besides that, we are at your disposal for anything you need, just to keep your business run smoothly. Reach out to us at any time.

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