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Be your own personal banker!
Callidus app is available in 10+ languages, more than any other fintech app you can find
Lowest fees for sending and receiving money that you can find
Invite others aboard and earn money by doing it
Callidus solves your problems
Callidus solves your problems with waiting times in the bank, high transaction prices and complicated account openings.
It's time to make a change
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Buy Callidus Private Package

Sign up, without any credit checks, for Callidus Private Package and get an account with Swedish IBAN + up to 5 physical cards + up to 5 virtual cards. It takes no longer than several minutes to start using the most innovative payment solution on the market.

Get Your Package For Free

If you like Callidus, recommend it to your friends, family, and colleagues - directly via Callidus app. You get a discount on your Private Package price after each one of them signs up using your referral code. Recommend, directly or indirectly, 21 people and get your Private package for free. This applies also when they extend their annual subscription - it's a lifetime benefit

Buy Callidus Franchise

Start your own fintech business by becoming a Callidus Franchise Owner and generate enormous profit via multilevel marketing mechanism. Sign up within a few seconds, buy an annual franchise license, and you are ready to sell Callidus products - both Private Package and Franchise licenses. Return your investment already in six months!Do not worry, we will support you all the time, providing all you need to run your business successfully.

Become a Cashback Partner

Each Callidus Franchise Owner can be a Cashback Partner too. Provide a unique discount on your product/service for all Callidus account holders, increase visibility, and boost your business instantly.

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Available both for iOS and Android!
Spend Wisely
Totally free transaction costs for payments between Callidus users
The lowest money withdrawal fees
Option to get your card for free, without too much effort
Save money by buying at Callidus Cashback Partners
All that in your native language
Earn Smarter
Start your own fintech business immediately, and much cheaper than anywhere else
Run a business supported by Visa, Mastercard, Swedish EMI institution, and German Franchise Association
Earn money by recommending Callidus to others and making sure they use your code when signing up
Enormous earning possibilities via a multilevel marketing mechanism that goes to 4 vertical depth levels
Once buyer - always buyer. Lifetime earning possibility. As long as your referrals are using the app, you get your cut
Security As a Top Priority

Top-notch security is our main priority. A multilevel security system backed up by a 3-D secure protocol makes our users worry-less.

Your funds are kept at the Swedish EMI institution and regulated by the same, all until you withdraw the money or send it out.

Besides, our business is supported by the German Franchise Association, an organization that gathers around the largest franchise business in the world.

Totally free transaction costs for payments between Callidus users
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